International Women’s Day – March 8, 2021

#ChooseToChallenge  #IWD2021

Almaguin Community Economic Development in partnership with the Almaguin Highlands Chamber of Commerce is looking to celebrate women in Almaguin!

For International Women’s Day, we would like to acknowledge the achievements of women in Almaguin deserving of recognition who have made changes to the social, economic, cultural, or political landscape for womens’ equality.

The nomination process has now closed.

The nominated women were put in a draw for a chance to win one of the amazing local prizes listed below! The winners will be contacted directly for details.

  • $100 Gift card to a local business of the winners choice – Courtesy of Almaguin Community Economic Development
  • $100 Gift card to a local business of the winners choice – Courtesy of The Almaguin Highlands Chamber of Commerce
  • A Lifestyle Headshot Session: 30 minutes and 5 images, $550 value – Courtesy of Kate Hood Photography
  • 1 Month of Personal Training: 4 x 1-hour sessions (1/week), $150 value – Courtesy of Get Glutes Personal Training with Dulcie Pascoe
  • Full day ATV adventure, $389 value – Courtesy of Outdoor Adventures ATV
  • $150 Gift card to Northridge Inn & Resort – Courtesy of Emilio Foffano, Royal LePage
  • Gift basket from Copperhead Distillery, Value $100 
  • $50 Gift card to South River Brewing
  • $50 Gift card to Zaks Naturally… 
  • 2x $50 Gift cards to Sundridge Foodland, Courtesy of Doe Lake Campground Rizzort
  • $50 Gift Card to cocktails at Northridge Inn & Resort

To celebrate all these influential women of Almaguin, everyone nominated will be featured on our Facebook page promoting their business and/or accomplishments throughout the month of March!

See the full list of Nominated women below (in Alphabetical order), with a message why they were nominated!

Amanda Oley

“Amanda is a single mother, that runs 4 businesses and is always on the go, and could use some time to relax and not worry about work.”

Amy Marshall

“She owns and operates a long-time amazing Alamguin business, is a community leader and inspiration and a wonderful person.”

Angela Legere

“Angela is a great role model for women in business”

“Angela had many qualities and her approach to business is essential for success”

Angela’s key qualities are strong sense of purpose and believes she makes a difference in others lives with her creativity “

She is always open to learning and she had a passion for what she does and it reflects on those around her. “

 “Great example of a strong business woman”

Angela Loney

“Angela is the treasurer of the South River Lions Club and has been influential to almost all Lions events in the past few years. She has been working hard lately raising funds for the South River Skateboard Park. She has organized Thanksgiving pie, Christmas cookies, Valentine’s brownies, fundraisers during these challenging times. Thank you for the consideration of Angela Loney. She’s the best.”

Beth Gorham-Matthews

“Beth will be celebrating 20 years in business in Sundridge this fall. She has been serving the community for all their denture needs, has volunteered as a mentor to student denturists as well as serving on the Registration Committee and Patient Relations Committee with the College of Denturists. Beth is the President of the Whitestone McKellar Lions Club, a Director with the Dunchurch Agricultural Society and a member of the Parent Council at Whitestone Lake School. In addition to this, in 2018, Beth was elected as a Councillor in the Municipality of Whitestone.”

Bobbie-Lynn Roberts

“Bobbie-Lynn has worked in many leadership roles in her employment services career. She has supported women to achieve their career goals, advocated for child welfare, and volunteered in a variety of capacities contributing to improvements in the region. She’s both a shining example of positivity, and a trail-blazer for improving conditions and standards for other women.”

Candy St.Onge

“Candy is one of the hardest working women I know. She volunteers so much of her free time to help support families in the community and is also the Vice President of The Sundridge Lions Club.”

Christine Stenning

“She is a fantastic woman in business.”

Ciara Stead

“Ciara consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty to support both Almaguin Businesses and the activities of ACED. Ciara never hesitates to jump in with both feet to take on new projects or to provide customized support to help business owners in promoting their businesses. Her keen organization skills have also greatly improved the efficiency of the ACED department. Ciara is a highly valued member of the team and her efforts are greatly appreciated by many throughout the region.”

Courtney Metcalf

“Courtney, through her various roles in Almaguin’s economic development organizations, has played a crucial role in promoting economic growth through her work with local businesses and community leaders. Courtney has a true passion for Almaguin that is reflected in her work. Her keen attention to detail and willingness to ‘take new ground’ have made noticeable impacts in the region and helped pave the way for the growth of economic development services.”

Cyndi Culbert

“Cyndi is an amazing business woman. She runs local craft sessions, she runs her newspaper with her husband Jim. Cyndi works with mentally challenged ppl. Cyndi is a huge advocate in our area, she promotes all kinds of local businesses, some that I have visited because she wrote a post about it. She is strong, kind, compassionate & an excellent example of a fine community member.”

Danika Hammond

Danika has lived in Armour Township with her family all her life, helping with the family farm, horse & carriage/sleigh rides. Works at Armour Township office as an administrative assistant. Independent business person running her own DJ business. Volunteers in countless organizations including the Burk’s Falls Santa Clause parade. It’s rare to find energetic and young people to volunteer in organizations!

“She works for Armour Township, runs her own DJing business, is the Chairperson for the Santa Claus Parade, and is always involved and volunteering in other community initiatives. She is a hard worker who is very community-minded. Most young people hardly make the time to Volunteer, but Danika is such an asset to the community”

“Volunteers for so many local organizations and a member of local boards…Santa Claus Parade, Winterfest, Agricultural Society, ARI Board, etc. Extremely community-oriented. Willing to help whenever someone asks.”

Dr. Sarah McKinnon

“She is dedicated to helping our community and the people in it.”

Dulcie Pascoe

“Amazing leadership”

Always full of energy, business knowledge and resources”

Dulcie always strives for excellence in all aspects of business and always willing to help. An amazing leader and representative of Women in business”

“As we like to call her around the Inn, Dulcie is a superwoman. She works tirelessly at The Northridge Inn to ensure everything runs smoothly and there is no job she won’t take on. Whether that means staying on the property to let guests into their rooms late at night, helping housekeeping on busy days, making runs into town, or popping into the dining room to help serve, she is truly dedicated to her work. Somehow she manages to balance her work life, entrepreneurial initiatives outside of work, and being a loving mother to her wonderful son Chase, as well as all the staff she takes on. Dulcie has high expectations for those she works with, but those expectations push us to be better and we know she cares about us, and our success. She is fiercely confident in herself, takes no flack, is protective of her employees, and above all is a good friend. Dulcie is a role model to me, and I can only hope that I become such a dedicated, assertive, and respected person in my own career.”

“Tons of community involvement/support with local businesses”

“Dulcie has been influential in the community since moving here from South Africa with her family. Past President of the Almaguin Highlands Chamber of Commerce, currently the AHCC secretary. Working at Zaks, independent personal trainer. Keeps a constant pulse on the Almaguin Region, sourcing out programs to help businesses through the pandemic lockdown, tirelessly helping where and when she can!”

“Dulcie is highly involved in our community both through business and committees. She donates a lot of her time to helping businesses and people in our community. She is positive and helpful and amazing. She also trains other woman in the gym and is very inspiring to women in many ways.”

“Dulcie’s passion for, and commitment to, Almaguin is absolutely outstanding. Her ‘can-do’ attitude and relentless positivity can be seen across everything she touches. Dulcie works tirelessly both in her career and through her efforts with the Chamber to support growth in anything she is involved it. Having the opportunity to work with Dulcie is nothing short of an absolute pleasure. Thank you Dulcie for everything you do!”

Gina Horswood

“Gina worked tirelessly with cover bands in Southern Ontario and quickly established herself as a highly regarded background vocalist while maintaining a rigorous performing schedule as a solo artist. Recognized for her commanding stage presence, pure singing abilities, and poignant songwriting, Gina came into a 2016 collaboration for her third full-length album, Porcelain. Now working on additional endeavors, Gina holds her friends and family as a top priority and would move mountains to support them wherever needed.”

Heather Hope

“Run the bakery, kind, giving a strong woman in a leadership roll supporting our community”

Jamie Dayboll

“Jamie is a successful business women who had climbed her way in a very difficult corporate business RBC”

 “Jamie had many amazing qualities as a driven business woman. She resilient and persistent and never afraid of a challenge.”

 “Jamie coveys assertiveness by being fearless and speaking with authority and purpose. Jamie’s approach to leadership is developing a collaborative work environment and everyone has a respected voice.”

Jeanette Smith

“Jeanette, in her short time with ACED, has shown an unrelenting passion for building capacity. Jeanette’s impressive academic achievements, combined with her practical experience have added significant value to the ACED Team which is already being utilized to support numerous projects and activities. Jeanette’s passion for healthy communities and ensuring equitable access to health services has increased ACED’s ability to support efforts aimed at improving healthcare in Alamguin for all residents.”

Jennifer Farquhar

“Jennifer is a leader and strives for excellence”

 “Jennifer is passionate and brings a wealth of knowledge to our community.”

 “Jennifer has a strong sense of purpose and she makes a difference in our community” 

 “Jennifer is an approachable leader and easy to work with. Her never give up spirit is infectious and she is an inspiration to women in business”

“Jen is an outstanding citizen devoted to making our community a better place to live. She consistently goes above and beyond on all of her various committees with an exceptional and positive attitude. Jen is a strong woman who is both soft and powerful, practical and believes in equality.”

“A tireless supporter of local businesses through Almaguin Highlands Chamber of Commerce as well as involved in local festivals like the Sunflower Festival on an annual basis.”

“This woman is not only an amazing mother to two children, but she is also a recognized community advocate and leader. Jennifer is an extremely hard worker and influences many peoples lives in so many positive ways. She has had a major impact on Almaguin through both business and her personal life. So much dedication and volunteering is done by this strong woman to the community while rocking being an awesome mom!

“She is the program manager, and through her job, she helps other businesses succeed, but also creates and promotes various programs for the community. She launched the Almaguin Virtual Christmas market on Facebook to give crafters the opportunity to sell their goods in the absence of in-person markets because of COVID.”

“Jennifer – what is she not involved in. ACED, NOAH, council assistance, Chamber of Commerce, and empowering woman with her gentle and persuasive ways. Strong, passionate, and powerful in silent ways. – we are grateful to have her in Almaguin.”

“Runs her own business, has been on the board of the Chamber of Commerce for many years, passionate about the community Guide, on the board for the Sunflower Festival, involved of NOAH, representative of ACED”

Jessica Boyes

“Jessica deserves recognition because after she suffered cardiac arrest; her husband saved her life in their home, she has been advocating for people to get certified for CPR, raising awareness for congenital heart disease, and still working hard to support others, such as myself with the brain tumor foundation of Canada. She still works full time, raising her young son and brings forth awareness for the disease to help others.”

Jessica Busch

“She helps so many women excel at their hopes and dreams. She fundraises, she extends a hand when women need it most.”

“She runs a fabulous business and is a wonderful person.”

“Jessica has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of women in our area. She is innovative in her programming and reaches out to coverage, economic, and racial needs of women. She is always ready to step in and help in a crisis situation. Jessica uses the other services in the area and works well too with them to facilitate positive change in the lives of the women she is in contact with. Jessica is a role model and influencer for all of us.”

“This woman is amazing she goes above and beyond in her job. She has created amazing programs for budgeting and for helping in everyday life. She has helped many women-owned businesses bring their dream alive and into reality when some women may have never thought it would never be possible. She is always positive and always brings joy to everyone she comes into contact with.”

Jocelyn Modl

She helps her parents at Copeman Tree Farm, but has also organized and hosted the Mud Run. She founded the Almaguin Lions Club which is fully inclusive to women and children, and frequently coordinates group trail walks and cross country ski outings to encourage socialization (not during Covid) very community-minded person”

Kaity Neideck

“Kaity is our lead brewster. It is rare in our industry to have a female in this role. She is knocking it out of the park!

Kate Hood

“Kate is an amazing business woman” 

 “She is always there to help and full-on knowledge”

 “She’s an inspiration and always strives for excellence.”

 “She is a leader in the community and a great example of dedication, innovation”

 “I nominated Kate Hood”

“Kate is proactively amazing in Almaguin. She is a director on the Chamber of Commerce. She has her own Boudoir business and is fiercely passionate about us woman! She believes in everything good, and celebrates women every day.”

Kathy Hogan

“Kathy is the most passionate woman I know. She works hard to make Powassan stand out. She supports local businesses, encourages growth and is always motivated for the next project.”

Katy McGregor

“Woman co-owned business supporting and giving back in her community”

Lauren Bessett

“Lauren is an amazing woman – hard-working, dedicated, and driven. She’s an entrepreneur who inspires me by her constant hustle and ability to adapt. I’ve watched her business change and adapt over the years, it’s impressive.”

“She is a business owner, community leader, and volunteer. She is an inspiration to many women.”

Laurie Stahlbaum

“She owns and operates a fabulous business, has volunteered, and is a lovely, generous, and inspirational woman.”

Lisa Levesque

“Amazing leader in our community”

 “Always willing to support and provide her business knowledge and experience “

 “A positive role model for women in business”

 “Full of energy and strives for excellence at everything she does”

Lois Cookman

‘Lois guides the Burk’s Falls Art and Crafts Club and has been involved in many organizations in our area, whether directly or indirectly. She never gives up in helping people.”

Louise Dawney of Century 21

“Louise is a gem. Dedicated to learning and making things happen. She’s a talent and force is every area I’ve witnessed and working with her is always easy and efficient. On a personal level I’ve watched her redefine her business and goals, and it’s been inspiring. She’s been able to diversify and adapt and thrive!”

Lynda Carleton

“She has served on Council for 28+ years (starting in 1988); 22 years on Council and 6+ years as Mayor. Currently serving as Mayor for the term 2018-2022 and elected as our first female Mayor in 2014!”

“Mayor Carleton is a Director of the Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities representing the District of Parry Sound. She is also an Executive for the District of Parry Sound Municipal Association. She goes above and beyond in her position as Mayor and as well as in her personal life. Shes a positive example of what women can do in so many ways, and especially in local government. She continues to grow her skill set. She has many more achievements in her role as Mayor and in her personal life. I’ve highlighted only a few of the milestones. Thank you for your consideration.”

Marianne Stickland

“Dedication and hard work put in to have an AHOHT, leg work, hours of meetings, and advocacy to ensure healthcare security for the region.”

Melanie Alkins

Melanie is one of those women who give knowledge, empower other women, she believes in our community, she is passionate about business and our region.”

Nancy Rizzo

“Nancy has partnered with Anthony in running Doe Lake Rizzort for 16 years. She volunteers for the Holy Spirit Church, supports many volunteer organizations and businesses in the community. Organizes many events at the Rizzort for women and children throughout the summer season, all are free, or a not for profit”

Natalee Wheeler

“This woman inspires many others in our community and dedicates countless hours to volunteer work to help support and build our businesses and overall community up.”

Penny Stoker

“Enthusiastic, whimsical, Penny is the entrepreneur/owner behind Zak’s. A generous heart and caring soul, Penny believes that entrepreneurs can change the world one small business at a time. Taking customer services beyond our bricks and mortar store, promoting, encouraging and appreciating our northern communities, with passionate desire for living. Loves to play hockey, practice yoga, paddle, sail, experience great craft beer and generally live life fully.”

“Offers a place for locals to shop for wellness/health products not offered anywhere else. Provides recommendations and advice”

“Penny has been a shaker and a mover in the Almaguin region forever, being involved in the chamber of commerce and promoting the area while building and running a very successful business.”

“Penny has owned and operated an absolutely outstanding business in Almaguin for many years. She has also spent a lot of time volunteering in various capacities. She is always coming up with ways to empower and inspire women. She is a true community leader.”

Rachael Doll

“Connor Homes and Imagine Therapeutic Services keep Rachael’s passions burning as a strong advocate for equal rights and opportunities. When she isn’t at home caring for her daughter, partner and dogs, she’s providing tireless support for individuals throughout the region and beyond.”

Sharon Ferchat

“Sharon is a driving force for women in business, She is a great example of an ownership mentality, Never give up spirit, Assertiveness. These are great strengths Sharon possesses many other qualities as a leader in business. Sharon is a great representative of women in business”

“Sharon is a huge part of our community and we adore her. She’s been working so hard during the pandemic to make sure Almaguin Highlands and the NNDSB have an ample supply of hand sanitizer. We also can’t forget that she’s kept us hydrated throughout this crazy time. Sharon is an accomplished business leader and promoter of other local businesses in the area.”

“Sharon owns and runs a very successful business, sits on the chamber of commerce, and is an outstanding example to women.”

“She has taken on this business solo since her partner’s passing and rocked it. Furthermore, she had a great amount of women working for her and pays a fantastic wage which is hard to find in our area.”

Valma Armstrong

“Woman who runs her business with family. Ensure top-notch customer service willing to go the extra mile”

Vicky Roeder-Martin

“She owns and operates the Maple Ridge Retreat in Sprucedale, and is also a founding member of the Dragonfly Collective. She has run community youth groups and was previously part of the Sprucedale Rec Committee. She is very passionate about the Community, and attends every workshop or event in the region to grow her network and work towards growing the region as a whole.”

Wendy MacCrimmon

“She has more than one amazing ALMAGUIN business, is a community leader, and a fab person.”

To celebrate all these influential women of Almaguin, everyone nominated will be featured on our Facebook page promoting their business and/or accomplishments throughout the month of March!

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Funding for Women in Business

The COVID-19 pandemic has magnified systemic and longstanding inequalities, with women and girls disproportionately affected by the crisis. The Government of Canada is taking strong action to prevent the pandemic from rolling back progress or reversing the hard-won gains of women in Canada. Check out the list below to learn more and apply for funding that will assist with support for women’s charities or charities that support gender equality. 

  • Women and Gender Equality in Canada

    Government of Canada to Invest $100 Million to Support Women Impacted by the Pandemic

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    Women’s Program: Call for proposals open.

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    Proposals due March 25:

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