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June 21, 2021 – Almaguin Event Signage Request for Quote


Getting Creative with Business in 2021

It has been a month since the Ontario Provincial Government announced the province-wide lockdown and it’s time to get creative! We hope these lockdowns won’t last as long as last March, but many retail, service, and other businesses are now in a position to make it to the other [...]

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COVID-19: Still a Part of Business in 2021

As we start a new year we can reflect on the previous one. The year 2020 was hard for many people, organizations, and businesses, the COVID-19 virus seemed to appear from thin air and changed the lives of Canadians forever. Last March, when the lockdowns started, our team here [...]

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Digital Main Street is Back!

The term “Business as Usual” does not apply in 2020. Nothing has been usual, predictable, or normal this year, and it has been a challenge for many businesses to adapt to the changes presented by COVID-19. This pandemic has affected the global economy, as well as our local community, [...]

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Staycation in Almaguin, Where we can Rediscover our Flow

There’s something unique about Almaguin. The nature, people, wildlife, artists, performers and villages all offer a humbling experience. There is an equal combination of residents who lived here, moved away, then came back with worldly experiences to offer, new residents from all over the world, and residents who have lived here since birth [...]

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The Great Powassan and Area Farmstand Tour

If you’re looking to combine your love of outdoor activities and great local food, Almaguin is definitely the hotspot for both! Discovery Routes, a not-for-profit organization which supports an expansive network of trails winding through the rugged landscapes of Ontario’s Near North, is releasing the first of a series [...]

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COVID-19 Best Practices and Resources for Businesses

COVID-19 presents an unprecedented challenge to our businesses here in Almaguin. The ACED team is working hard to provide businesses with relevant resources and best practices that can help your businesses through this challenging time. Check back often for updates and new resources. Click the button below see our [...]

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I have recently had the help of Ciara Stead and Digital Mainstreet which is part of Almaguin Community Economic Development.

My business is not on a main street so I did not qualify for a grant however I have acquired an invaluable amount of help from this program with my website and social media. I built my website on squarespace with little to no experience and Ciara has improved the appearance, productivity and made it much more user friendly site.  My social media is now all connected making it easier to post and ensuring my posts are as effective as possible.

The most helpful part of all of this is that she taught me how to do it myself so in the future I can keep improving my business pages. Ciara also comes with a spectacular 360° camera. No business is to small for them to help. Very grateful for your help stepping up my business.

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